How to Set-up a Comfortable Home for Your Rabbit

Before adopting a pet rabbit, make sure that you have the following items to set-up the perfect home for your rabbit. Rabbits are fun-loving creatures that love to be around people, but need to have a safe, indoor or outdoor caged environment in order to thrive. If you cage your rabbit indoors or outdoors, allow your rabbit to spend some time running free indoors while being supervised.

1. Rabbit Cages and Hutches: The best place for your rabbit to stay is in a rabbit cage or hutch when not under supervision.

Rabbit cages make wonderful homes for rabbits and can be placed anywhere inside your home. Cages are available in a variety of sizes and styles. The most important feature of the cage is the size. The size of the cage is important because rabbits need a lot of space in order to be comfortable. The cage should be at least five times the size of the rabbit, so your rabbit can stand up and stretch out.
Rabbit hutches also make great homes for rabbits. Hutches are typically made of exterior grade ply-wood for placement outdoors. If you decide to purchase a rabbit hutch and want to place the hutch outdoors, choose a covered location that will protect the hutch from the elements and from other predatory animals. It�s hard for rabbits to endure temperatures extremes and they can be frighten to death by the sight of other animals. You may also want to move your rabbit indoors when the weather gets too hot because it is especially hard for a rabbit to tolerate very hot temperatures.

2. Flooring and Bedding Accessories: Both cages and hutches have wire floors to help keep the home cleaner. Wire floors can be very hard on your rabbit�s feet, so it important to have a mat or disposable flooring for your rabbit to sit and walk on. Grass mats are great because they are soft on rabbit feet and can even be nibbled on. You may also want to put down hay, grass or litter for rabbit bedding. A soft cozy bed also makes a great place for your pet to rest and sleep.

3. Water and Feeding Supplies: Make sure that your rabbit has access to clean water at all times. A water bottle for rabbits is ideal for storing water and keeping it clean. In addition, keep rabbit food in a crock or bowl made for rabbits and hay in a hay rack. Keeping food off of the floor is best because it prevents contamination and disease.

4. Rabbit Chews: It is an excellent idea to keep rabbit chews handy in the cage for your rabbit to chew on. Rabbits love to chew and this healthy habit keeps their teeth trim and neat. Wood or mineral toys made especially for rabbits are ideal because they are designed to be safely chewed by your rabbit. Chewing is also a great way for your rabbit to be entertained.

5. Rabbit Toys: Rabbits enjoy playing with little toys made for their enjoyment. Soft toys are great for flipping and tossing and interactive play. Your rabbit might also like to play with balls made of wood or grass. Keeping toys in the cage or hutch is important for the mental health of your rabbit. Toys provide rabbits with extra stimulation and provide entertainment.

Setting up your rabbit�s cage and hutch to be comfortable for your rabbit is very important for their mental and physical health. Choose items that are made especially for the health and well-being of your rabbit and you should have a happy, healthy rabbit. You can find everything that your rabbit needs at Rabbit Mart.