Grooming Tools that Every Rabbit Owner Needs

Grooming your rabbit on a regular basis is important for maintaining your rabbit’s health and insuring that your rabbit is always in the best possible shape.  In order to accomplish this, it is important to keep a number of essential tools on hand to make your grooming experience quicker, convenient, and more enjoyable.  It is a good idea to groom your rabbit about once week or more if needed.  The main tools that you will need are brushes, combs, nail clippers, styptic powder, a small flashlight, and cotton swabs.

  • Rabbit Brushes:  for proper of brushing your rabbit, choose a pin brush and a slicker brush, to help make your rabbit’s coat stand out and remove loose hair.  A pin brush is great for detangling your rabbit’s long hair and a slicker brush, such as the Tender Touch Slicker Wire Rabbit Brush, is great for short hair or finishing up your rabbit’s coat.
  • Rabbit Combs:  a comb is ideal for helping to remove the dangles in your rabbit’s hair and helps to reduce matting.  Use a comb like the Adjustable 2 In 1 Pet Comb, after using a brush to help remove the remaining tangles for a smooth, finished look.  In addition to a regular comb, a flea comb is a great investment for your rabbit’s grooming kit.  A flea comb will help to trap the
  • Rabbit Nail Clippers:  every rabbit owner needs a great pair of nail clippers to keep your rabbit’s nails trim and neat. Choose a pair of clippers, like the Cat Guillotine Nail Trimmer, Styptic & File, to easily clip your rabbit’s nails.  This clipper works quickly to smoothly remove your rabbit’s nails and includes styptic powder and small nail file to smooth out any rough edges.
  • Small Flashlight:  a flashlight is great for making it easier to see where the quick is in your rabbit’s nails.  It helps to take the guesswork out of where to clip the nail.
  • Styptic Powder:  This powder is a necessity for any rabbit owner.  Apply it to your rabbit’s nail if you cut the quick and the nail starts bleeding.
  • Cotton Swabs:  a cotton swab has a variety of uses that will greatly benefit your rabbit.  Use a cotton swab to gently clean out your rabbit’s ears or use the swab to apply styptic powder if necessary.
  • Wood or Mineral Chew:  You may want to give your rabbit a wood or minearal chew during your rabbit’s grooming ritual to help keep your rabbit entertained and content while grooming.