Yummy, Healthy Rabbit Treats


Break up your rabbit’s day and boredom with a healthy treat or snack.  Your rabbit’s diet needs a little variety if you only give your rabbit a daily diet and nothing else.  To help keep your rabbit happy and healthy, give your rabbit a variety of healthy treats or snacks in addition to the daily diet.  By doing this, your rabbit will be entertained, while getting the extra nutrition that he needs.

If you usually give your rabbit a daily diet that consists of pellets, try giving your rabbit a healthy alfalfa treat like the Alfalfa Slims by Vitakraft.  These healthy treats consists of alfalfa shaped into sticks that are fun for your rabbit to nibble on for hours and contain a variety of vitamins that your rabbit needs for a healthy, balanced diet.

Another fun treat for your rabbit is the Timothy Hay Yogurt Yummies by FM Browns.  This tempting treat is rich in fiber and very tasty and may be given to your rabbit mixed in with the daily diet or separately.  It is easy to give to your pet rabbit and makes the perfect treat or snack any time of the day. 

For a tasty cookie treat, give your rabbit the Falfa Cravins Alfalfa Cookies, which are also made by FM Browns.  These cookies are made of high quality alfalfa that is shaped into a fun cookie shape.  They are high in fiber and protein and great to give to your rabbit as a reward or a snack.  Your rabbit will love the great alfalfa taste.  Each cookie is fortified with Vitamin C and a variety of other vitamins and minerals to help keep your rabbit healthy and happy.

Adding a treat to your rabbit’s diet is a great way to give your rabbit variety in their diet.  Check out Rabbit Mart for a variety of healthy treats for your rabbit.