Get Rid of Smelly Rabbit Urine!

If you own a rabbit you know they are great pets.  However, there is one down-side to rabbit ownership.  One of the most common complaints of rabbit owners is the unpleasant smell of their urine. Many people think that there is nothing you can do about the noxious odor, but thankfully there are several ways you can make this smelly situation a better one!

First, you should make sure you thoroughly clean the litter box.  Be sure to clean the under side of the box, as urine often seeps to the underside of the box.  If you do not find that washing with warm water is effective, you can use white vinegar.  If you use white vinegar, be sure to thoroughly rinse it with water before letting your rabbit use it again.  Obviously, the more often you clean it the less smell there will be.  Try to clean it at least once a day.

Another great way to make your rabbit’s urine smell better is by using a product you can add to your pet’s water called Goodbye Odor Small Animal Natural Waste Deodorizer, shown above.  It is a completely natural and safe way to decrease the odor in your rabbit’s urine, as well as helping their feces, gas, and breathe smell better too!  If you add this product to your rabbit’s water, you will notice results within a week.  For maximum efficiency, it is very important not to skip any days.  One squirt a day is all it takes!

Interestingly, rabbits that are not spayed/neutered have stronger smelling urine than rabbits that are spayed/neutered.  Not only will spaying/neutering your rabbit help control the rabbit population, but it will make their urine smell better!