Does your Rabbit Have a Litter Box?

Among the many reasons why rabbits make good pets, a great reason is because you can potty train them!  Rabbits are smart creatures, and they realize they should not be going to the bathroom in the same place they eat and sleep.  So whether your bunny lives in a cage or a hutch, he will seek out a place to use the restroom.  If you have not already provided your rabbit with a litter box, you need to!

The key to training your rabbit to use the litter box is to start training them when they are young.  It will take them a while to become potty trained, so the earlier you start the better!  When training your rabbit, you should always use positive reinforcement.  Praise your rabbit when he or she uses the litter box.  If your rabbit has an accident, you should never yell or scold him.  It is ineffective and can scare your rabbit, which will hamper the potty training process!

Before starting to potty train, you need to first purchase a litter box!  If you have not already noticed, rabbits urinate horizontally, as opposed to cats and dogs who urinate vertically.  Make sure the litter box is tall enough to catch their spray.  You need to get a small enough litter box so it fits in your rabbits cage, but big enough so that your rabbit will fit in it!  Buying a litter box specifically made for the specific size of your rabbit is the best.  A small rabbit will not be able to use a litter box designed for a large rabbit.  I purchased the Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Pan for Rabbits – Jumbo Size, pictured above, and I have to say I am very happy with it.  It is perfect for large rabbits, but if you have a smaller rabbit I would recommend the Large Hi-Corner Litter Pan for Small Animals.

You will also need litter box materials.  You need to make sure that you use a material that is very absorbent, and also is safe for the rabbit to consume (rabbits sometime eat litter box materials).  A safe choice is Carefresh Natural Pet Litter, which is made from wood pulp waste.  You also may want to get a litter scooper, such as the Bunny Corner Litter Scoop for Small Animals.  This scoop is designed to pick up waste in a corner-shaped litter box, which is the shape of most litter boxes!