Thinking About Giving Your Bunny Supplements?


Rabbit supplements can provide your bunny with a proper balance of healthy vitamin and minerals.  However, you may be wondering whether or not you actually need to provide your rabbit with supplements.  If you have a healthy bunny who is eating a balanced diet, he probably does not need supplements.  However, providing your rabbit with  balanced diet is harder than it sounds.  If your rabbit is eating grass hay and fresh foods, he is probably getting a good proportion of vitamins and minerals.  If your bunny is a finicky eater, or if you have any doubts that your bunny is not getting all of the essential vitamins and minerals, it is a good idea to provide him with supplements.

If your rabbit is ill, under severe stress, pregnant, or nursing, it is incredibly important to provide him with vitamin and mineral supplements.  Consult a veterinarian to find out the exact dosage your rabbit will require in each of these situations.  Especially in pregnant rabbits, it is very important to see your veterinarian so he or she can suggest the proper diet and supplements your rabbit will require to have healthy babies.

Giving your rabbit the vitamins and minerals he needs through supplements is much easier than you may think.  Most vitamin and mineral supplements come in liquid form or chewable form.  With the liquid form you can easily add the proper dosage to your rabbit’s water.  The chewable form usually comes in yummy flavors that your rabbit will love.  A great brand of liquid rabbit supplements are the Sundrops Rabbit and Guinea Pig 4 oz., pictured above.  It gives your rabbit a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals, and contains plenty of healthy vitamin D!  You can also purchase rabbit supplements in powder form.  The Vionate Pet Mineral Power 8 oz. is specially formulated for young rabbits as it promotes healthy body growth.

Besides supplements that provide your rabbit with vitamins and minerals, there are also supplements with essential fatty acids that promote healthy skin and coat in rabbits!  The Skin and Coat Supplement – Rabbits and Guinea Pigs 4 oz., is a popular brand of supplements that contain these healthy fatty acids!