Where Should You Keep Your Rabbit’s Cage?

You have a rabbit, and you probably have a rabbit cage.  One of the most important things to know is good places to keep your cage.  A cage that stays in a bad spot in your home can make your bunny unhappy, and even unhealthy.  Pay attention to these tips:

1.  Place your rabbit’s cage in an area of the house where the temperature does not often change.  This means that it should not be be near a door that is frequently opened, or near an air conditioner or heat vent.  Just like humans, rabbits are fine with slight fluctuations in the temperature.  You just do not want to expose them to high heat (especially humidity), or frigid temperatures.

2.  Keep the cage out of direct sunlight.  As mentioned above, rabbits are very susceptible to high heat temperatures.  Setting the cage within direct exposure to the sun can cause heat stroke.

3.  Keep your rabbit out of the basement and attic.  These areas are usually damp, and have barely any ventilation, which can be unhealthy for your rabbit.

4.  Keep the cage in an area where people frequent.  But at the same time you need to ensure that your rabbit has quiet time where he can rest.

5.  Rabbits need 8 hours of sleep, so be sure your bunny is not exposed to light for at least 8 hours a day.  They have circadian rhythms based on light just like we do!  If you keep your rabbit’s cage in an area that is always light (ex: if you leave a lamp on 24 hours a day,) then be sure to cover the cage with a towel to be sure your bunny can get proper sleep.

6.  Make sure the cage is not in a place where there is lots of noise.  An example would be next to TV or music speakers.

If you do not have a rabbit cage, you have plenty of options.  You can get a relatively simple cage, like the My First Home for Rabbits – Large Teal.  Or you can get a more sophisticated cage, like the Habitat Defined Home for Rabbits, pictured above.  This huge cage gives your rabbit plenty of room to play and explore.  The best part of the Habitat Defined Home for Rabbits is that it sits on wheels, so it can be easily moved to a good place in your house where your rabbit will thrive!