Your Rabbit Would Love an Exercise Pen


Rabbits need plenty of exercise.  Without exercise they can become bored, which can lead to destructive behavior like going to the bathroom in inappropriate places or chewing items that are not supposed to be chewed!  A bored bunny can also become agitated, withdrawn, and even depressed.  A great way to give your rabbit exercise is to get him out of his cage!  Rabbit cages are usually not big enough for your rabbit to hop around.

A great idea is to get your rabbit an exercise pen, like the Clean Living Playpen for a Small Dog or Pet.  This circular pen has 8 panels, and is 43 inches in diameter.  With its height of 29 inches, your rabbit will always remain safely inside because he will be unable to hop out!   The cage can be used indoor or outdoors, and it is light enough so that it can be easily moved.  It is also collapsible so it can be easily stored when you do not want to use it.

When you have an exercise pen like the Clean Living Playpen for a Small Dog or Pet, you will probably also need a plastic mat to protect your carpet or other types of flooring from rabbit waste.  Luckily, the makers of the Clean Living Playpen for a Small Dog or Pet also created the Clean Living Pen Cover or Floor Mat, seen in blue in the picture above.  You can use it as a cover for your rabbit if you keep him outdoors.  This will protect your rabbit from sun or rain.  Or you can use it as a mat to protect your floor from rabbit messes.  Buy two if you want to have both a mat and a cover!

These pens are good for exercising your rabbit, but you can also use them as a regular cage.  One great thing about the Clean Living Playpen for a Small Dog or Pet is that it is specially designed to attach to any Clean Living Rabbit Cage, like the Large Clean Living 2 Level Cage for Small Animals.  All you have to do is open the door of the pen and place the small cage right at the opening with its door open.  Your rabbit is free to either spend time in his small cage or the exercise pen!  Your rabbit will love having so much more space to live.