Your Bunny Would Love to go Outside for a Walk!


Rabbits love exploring outdoors, and there is no safer way to do that than to put a harness on your rabbit and walk him on a leash!  A harness is very safe for your rabbit because it holds him by his chest and shoulders.  You should never use a collar, which holds your rabbit around his neck, which could easily slip off of your rabbit.  Your rabbit will need to get used to his harness before going for a walk.  Here are the steps you should take to get your rabbit comfortable with having the harness on:

  1. Purchase a rabbit harness.  The Peters Rabbit Walking Jacket, pictured above, is a perfect rabbit harness.  There is a quick snap closure that ensures a safe walking experience.  It can also be adjusted to fit any size bunny.  The Peters Rabbit Walking Jacket comes with an elasticized leash that easily stretches.  If you have a large bunny, you can get the Rabbit Comfort Harness with Lead.  The Rabbit Comfort Harness with Lead also has an elastic lead that ensures your bunny does not get jerked around during his walk.
  2. Let your rabbit investigate the harness by putting it on the floor and letting him smell it.
  3. If your rabbit does not seem to be interested in looking at the harness, put some treats on it to encourage him to hop on it and do some investigating.
  4. Once your rabbit has seen the harness, you should put it on his back (do not strap it in, just rest it on his back).  You want the rabbit to feel the weight of the harness and realize that it is harmless.
  5. When your rabbit feels comfortable with the feel of the harness on his back, you can strap him in.
  6. Once your rabbit feels comfortable hopping around with the harness, strap on the leash and walk around the house with him on the leash.
  7. The last and best step: Take your bunny outside for a walk!

Something to keep in mind is that you should never leave the rabbit harness on your rabbit when you are not supervising him.  Rabbits may try to chew on their harness, and harnesses are made of materials that should never be ingested.