Your Rabbit Needs A Cozy Nestbox (with Bedding!)


Because your pet rabbit is living indoors, there are certain essentials you need to be providing in order to keep your bunny comfortable and happy.   There are obvious necessities you need to include in your rabbit’s cage, like a place to go to the bathroom, food bowls, water bowls and water bottles.  What you may not realize is that you need to provide your rabbit with a nest box!

When your rabbit needs time to himself, where does he go?  Well, his nest box!  If your rabbit does not have one, you need to get him one immediately.  Rabbits need a dark space that they can enter and exit at their leisure.  Having a nest box is a great way to get signals from your rabbit of whether or not he would like to play… if he is in his nest box, he is not in the mood for playing.

A great nest box is one that is not entirely made of wood.  Your rabbit will easily through a wood one!  Instead, opt for one that has at least a metal floor, or is made of plastic.  A good example is the Critter Chateau Small Pet Hut, pictured above.  It is made of plastic, and is stain and odor resistant.  The Critter Chateau Small Pet Hut can provide a perfect comfortable space for your rabbit to hide or sleep.

Once you have the nest box, you will need bedding to keep on the floor.  Your bunny will use his nest box for sleeping, and you want him to be comfortable.  You could use the same material that you use for the litter box, as long as it is soft.  If you have an extra towel or t-shirt that you would not mind giving to your bunny, he would love that too.  My bunny likes the Healthy Pet Bedding/Litter 14 Liter.  As the name suggests, it doubles as bedding and litter material.  It is made of virgin wood pulp, which gives off no dust.  The best part of the Healthy Pet Bedding/Litter 14 Liter is that is is great for odor control!  Remember to stay away from cedar or pine bedding as they can be harmful to your rabbit.