How Often Should You Clean Your Rabbit’s Cage?

Keeping your indoor rabbit’s cage clean is an important responsibility for all rabbit owners.  For the health of your rabbit, and for the health of your family, you will need to do certain types of cleaning daily, and other types weekly.  Here is an outline of your responsibilities:

DAILY CLEANING:  Daily cleaning is not as in depth as weekly cleaning.  I recommend doing daily cleaning at night time.  You will need to remove any food that should be refrigerated.  This includes fruit and veggies.  No need to throw them out, just keep them separate from people food and give it back to your rabbit in the morning.  You also need to hand wash your rabbit’s food bowl and water bowl.  If you use a water bottle style waterer, you do not need to wash it daily.  If any pieces of hay have fallen from the hayrack, put them back.  If anything else is out of place, put it back!  Your rabbit will thank you.

WEEKLY CLEANING:   This is a much more thorough cleaning than the daily cleaning.  You will need to take everything out of your rabbits cage and completely disinfect it.   Not only will this get rid of any odors that may be lingering, but not doing this can leave your rabbit susceptible to many health problems.  You can never skip this.  Use a disinfectant formula like the Clean Cage Deodorizer for Small Animals, pictured above.  The formula of Clean Cage Deodorizer for Small Animals is non-toxic, so it is safe to use to clean your bunny’s cage and his food and water bowls.  After thoroughly spraying the entire cage you will need to leave the solution on for 30 minutes.  You want it to be able to fully penetrate for maximum sanitizing power.  You will also want to soak your rabbit’s food and water bowls in this solution.  After 30 minutes, you will thoroughly rinse of the Clean Cage Deodorizer for Small Animals from the cage and bowls with clean water.  Let everything dry completely before putting your bunny and his cage accessories back into the cage.

Do not forget that you should never clean your rabbit litter box (or any other items that contain waste) in the kitchen sink.  Always wash it in the bathroom sink or bathtub.