Keep your pet rabbit healthy, happy and hopping!


Got Rabbit?  Get a Vet!

Regular vet visits are an extremely important part of keeping your bunny healthy. When you take your rabbit to the vet – be ready to answer questions about your rabbit’s daily habits, sleep habits, diet and overall living arrangements.
A rabbit pet is a herbivore.
A herbivore’s teeth are constantly growing and chewing Timothy hay helps to naturally wear down teeth. If your rabbit won’t eat – it’s time to let your vet know.  If he or she is lethargic .. same same.
Make sure that your rabbit doesn’t get fat – this can be detrimental to his or her health, just like yours.  Feed your rabbit healthy foods in the right proportions.  A rabbit’s diet should be about 80% hay.   Make sure your rabbit has enough water and give your rabbit pellets.  Keep the treats to once-in-a-while and make sure that they are low in sugar and simple carbs.
Remember to always consult your veterinarian with questions about your rabbit’s health.