Keep Your Rabbits Cage Clean

Keeping your rabbit’s cage clean and neat is essential for a healthy rabbit.

Generally, rabbits are clean animals and like to be in a clean environment. Your rabbit’s cage should be cleaned out at least every two to three days. It depends on the amount of waste your rabbit makes. If you notice that your rabbit produces a lot of waste, clean out the cage once every day.

Using a litter box is great for helping to keep the cage clean. Rabbits can be litter trained with a little effort and using a litter box makes clean-up much easier. Use a litter box, such as the Long John High Side Litter Pan, that is designed especially for small animals or rabbits.
When using a litter box, always use litter made for rabbits.
When cleaning up waste in your rabbit’s cage, use a litter scoop for removal. Litter scoops are designed to easily pick-up litter and make cleaning waste much easier.
After the waste has been removed, replace the litter with fresh litter if your rabbit uses a litter box and wipe the cage clean with warm soapy water.
Once the cage has been cleaned, you may want to give your rabbit some fresh water and some food or a treat. While you are cleaning out the cage, let your rabbit have some play time in the house or in an outdoor playpen to make the experience more enjoyable for your rabbit.