How to Exercise Your Pet Rabbit


Is your pet rabbit

  • bored?
  • overweight?
  • has no energy?

If your rabbit is caged in all day, he or she may need to get out and get some fresh air and exercise. Rabbits love attention from their owners and can get lonely in a cage all day, so daily time spent outdoors is very beneficial for their physical and mental well-being.

One easy and economical way for your pet rabbit to get some exercise and spend quality time with you is take your rabbit for a walk. A rabbit leash is very useful when taking your rabbit for a stroll and your rabbit will love the change of scenery.

A comfortable walking leash for rabbits is the Peters Rabbit Walking Jacket. This cute little jacket is easy to put on your rabbit, easy to care for and gives you the freedom to take your pet for a walk.

If you pet rabbit does like to walk with a leash, another way for your pet rabbit to get some exercise and fresh air is in an outdoor exercise pen. An outdoor pen is easy to set-up in the grass and allows your rabbit to enjoy nature and fresh air. Your rabbit will be able to walk in the grass, nibble on a plant or bask in the sun. Toss in some of your rabbit�s favorite toys or treats to get your rabbit hopping.

Every rabbit owner should make sure that their pet rabbit gets exercise and gets to spend some quality time outdoors. Taking your pet rabbit for a walk is easy and economical. If your rabbit doesn’t like walking on a leash, choose an outdoor pen for him or her to hop around in. It is important to spend time exercising your rabbit for their mental and physical health.
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