Use a Hay Rack to Save Money & for Better Rabbit Health


It is important to add a hay rack or food shifter in your rabbit’s hutch or cage because it helps to keep the hay and food off of the floor and helps to prevent it from being contaminated by waste and your rabbit from becoming sick.

Choosing the right type of hay rack or food shifter for your rabbit is important, since there are a variety of feeders available to hold food, hay, pellets or a combination.

If you plan on using a hay rack to provide just hay, then choose a simple one made of wire. The Hay Feeder with Free Salt Lick is ideal for hanging in a cage or hutch. This wire hay rack is very easy to hang up and holds only hay. Your rabbit’s hay stays contained in the hay rack and will not come in contact with waste.

If your rabbit enjoys loose hay and pellets, then you may want to consider a hay rack that can dispense both. The Chew Proof Hay and Pellet Combo Feeder keeps hay and pellets off of the floor and healthier for your rabbit. This hay rack is designed for use in a wire cage and helps prevent food from being wasted.

If you are going to use the feeder for food only, then a food shifter is a great option for your rabbit’s cage or home. The Little Giant Self Feeder is perfect for dispensing food or pellets. This food shifter keeps the food safe from contaminates and decreases the amount of waste.

Whatever type of feeder you choose, it is important to install one in your rabbit’s hutch or cage. Hay and food shifters keep the hay and food fresher and cleaner and help to save you money!