Clicker Training for your Rabbit? Yes Sir!


Rooted in behavior modification, clicker training is about rewarding behavior. If a behavior has a good result, your rabbit will do it again. With a clicker, and rewards, you can train your bunnies to do anything of which they are physically able.

The StarMark Clicker Pet Training Aid (pictured to the right) helps you reinforce positive behaviors in your rabbit.
The clicker comes with a training guide so you can get started quickly.
The Clicker uses scientific principles of classical and operant conditioning to help you train your pet. Traditionally popular in dog training, clicker training is becoming more and more prevalent in training cats and rabbits, as well as birds.  The clicker assists you in shaping and rewarding positive behavior. The ergonomic design of the StarMark keeps your hand comfortable while training.
Start before a meal with a dozen or so bunny-bite sized treats. Rabbit pellets can work as well as can bite-sized pieces of vegetables. Feed one treat and as they chew, click once. When they stop chewing, feed another bite and click. Feed and click until the treats are gone. Stop.
Bunny links the sound of the click to food. As you train, the response becomes stronger!

2 thoughts on “Clicker Training for your Rabbit? Yes Sir!”

  1. although i do agree with you, ive only recenly found clikecr training, and im doing my best to understand and work with it.. i disagree with this thought that clikecr training and positive training means NO discipline, and no Alpha.Because alpha is a way of life that is needed, in dogs and humans, its just natural, and its for the best. You are still Alpha to your dog even if you use a clikecr. your just not alpha in the sense that everyone tends to think of,this dominant power weilding alpha.

  2. The more the pet-owning public gets ooanbrd clicker training’ and abandons the dominance’ ship, the happier and more successful both owners and animals will be. Unfortunately for many, it’s a trip that for those of us without lots of dollars for training requires self-education. Thanks for this educational clip.

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