Train Your Rabbit to Use a Harness


Making sure that your rabbit gets enough exercise can be difficult if your rabbit stays in his cage all day long and does not spend a lot of time running free.

A great way to allow your rabbit to get some exercise and spend some quality time bonding with you is to take your rabbit for a walk. Walking with your rabbit can be a fun experience for both you and your rabbit if you have the right equipment. A rabbit harness, like the Peters Rabbit Walking Jacket, is essential for walking your rabbit and is designed not to choke him when walking.

Getting your rabbit comfortable with the harness should be done in stages and in the comfort and safety of your own home:

  • Choose a harness that will fit your rabbit comfortably. The Walk-N-Vest Leash is great for variety of rabbits and is available in four different sizes.
  • It is best to familiarize your rabbit with the harness first. Allow your rabbit to sniff the harness and check it out. If your rabbit thinks the harness is a toy, allow him to play with it as long as he doesn’t chew it.
  • Once your rabbit has had a chance to check the harness out and realize that it is harmless, place the harness on his back to allow him to get comfortable with the harness on. It is a good idea not to buckle the harness at this point.
  • If he appears to be comfortable with the harness on his back, buckle the harness and allow your rabbit to move around in it. If your harness has a leash attached to the harness, don’t pick up or hold the leash yet. Just allow your rabbit to get comfortable moving around with the harness on.
  • After your rabbit has had a few minutes to adjust to wearing the harness, attach the leash or pick up the leash if it is attached to the harness. Walk your rabbit around the house first, to get him comfortable to the idea. Let your rabbit guide you around your house.
  • Next, take your rabbit outside for a short walk around the yard. Gradually increase the area for your walk. It is a good idea to keep your rabbit to a confined area where other animals do not have access.
  • Remember that rabbits can scare easily, so if your rabbit seems afraid or is not wanting to walk, pick up your rabbit and take him inside to take the harness off and start over at another time. Always walk your rabbit in an area that is safe for your rabbit.