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By the way, a lagomorph is a hare, pika or rabbit. Definition: Lagomorphs are the members of the taxonomic order Lagomorpha, of which there are two living families, the Leporidae (hares and rabbits) and the Ochotonidae (pikas). A Pika is a small mammal related to a rabbit, having rounded ears, short limbs, and a very small tail.

Whether you’re a first-time rabbit owner or a veteran bunny slave—or even just contemplating adding a lagomorph to your family—A House Rabbit Primer is an absolute must-read.

With easy-to-understand, relevant information; insight gained from personal experience; dozens of photos; and step-by-step instructions on everything from how to properly house and feed your bunny to litter-box training to finding the right vet to socializing your bun and beyond, this book will become your single, most-powerful reference tool to help you successfully and happily live with your house rabbit.

A House Rabbit Primer by Moore, Lucile C. Edition ILL, 0All aspects of rabbit care for both new and experienced pet rabbit owners are discussed in this handbook. Detailed information on how to house, feed, and train rabbits is provided, with a comprehensive medical section on creating a first aid kit, diagnosing different rabbit diseases, and giving emergency care.

Rabbits make up one of the fastest-growing segments of the pet population, and with more pet owners choosing to keep their rabbits indoors full time, this guide lays out practical information for making rabbits a healthy part of any family.


A House Rabbit Primer by Moore, Lucile C. Edition ILL

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  1. Ive had two rabbits and they were rlaely nice. In winter its best if they are brought in the house into an indoor hutch or place in a shed dont place them in a garage where a car has been as it can make them very ill. In summer you have to make sure the hutch is very clean and I recommend getting a blow glide spray for them its horrible if they get it. Most books on rabbits are excellent only thing I recomend is be careful putting guinea pigs and rabbits together as if the rabbit is allot larger than the guinea pig it can hurt it. We had two female rabbits and one of them was very nasty to the other when they were in the same hutch but were ok together in an open space. My rabbit died shortly after an surgical procedure because the vet didnt give us glucose to after its surgery so make sure you have a excellent vet! I found its been simpler to look after rabbits than guinea pigs as they are not as nervous and its quite simple to pick them up. Excellent luck.

  2. Buy the book The House Rabbit Handbook and read everything. Rabbits are very difrefent from cats and dogs. They are prey animals. You will also need to bunny proof your house by not having any electrical cords where the rabbit can chew them. This book will tell you everything you need to know about how to care for a bunny. We made a lot of mistakes before finding this book with our first bunny. Rabbits should never be exposed to rainy weather. If you keep it in a hutch you need to make sure it is in a safe covered area. Also know that the rabbit will need supervised time outside the hutch as rabbits need implementation. There are a lot of breeds. We have 2 Holland lops and one Netherland dwarf now. The younger lop is bonded with the dwarf. Your bunny will need to be spayed or neutered or you will experience behavior that you won’t find pleasing. As for medical care, find a vet who is trained in exotic medicine because rabbits are not like cats and dogs at all. Rabbits are herbivores meaning they will need hay, green vegetables, and pellets as part of a healthy diet.

  3. i would firstly adivse you to do a bit of research into the actual owning of a bunny as these pets do demand a much time and commitment as any other would need to make sure you have the time to take care of this animal eg.feeding cleaning the hutch .bonding with it .let it out for implementation etc etcalso a rabbit needs a proper hutch to make him feel safe and not only to protect him for predators such as dogs and foxes to name a few.a run if also a excellent investment as you can let him out to have implementation in the garden instead of him running around the house. the best way to find all your necessary information would be to visit your local book shop like easons or a library and find a book on rabbits. there are some goods ones like the RSPCA one it has excellent pictures and is well will show you the more well loved breeds and so on ..(Dutch rabbits are mainly the most well loved but due to there size and strength i would not recommend them for a young person)excellent luck

  4. If you get more than one rabbit make sure they are both of the same sex. It won’t stop them tyinrg to hump each other each Spring when mating season rolls around, but at least you won’t have hundreds of the small blighters. The first time I heard my two male rabbits humping each other in the middle of the night I thought we had burglars! They are reasonably low maintenance and can be kept outside in a hutch, although we did keep it sheltered from the elements and did go it inside the garage in winter. I used to let mine have the run of the back garden during the summer, but it didn’t stop them tyinrg to dig their way out. I finished up checking for new holes each day. They did keep the grass down though!

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