The HRS Emergency Grant Program


Off the normal topic of rabbit care, we’d like to bring to your attention a great fund that we ran across in our internet browsing: ┬áThe HRS Emergency Grant Program.

To make a donation to this fund, be sure to include “Emergency Rescue Fund” in the description field of the online donation form (donations via snail mail are also gratefully accepted).

Every year the House Rabbit Society hears about a number of emergency rabbit rescue situations around the country that involve anywhere from 50 to 1500 rabbits. In order to help, in 2007, we started the Emergency Rescue Fund.

All donations coming to HRS that specify “Emergency Rescue Fund” will go towards these grants. We are using those funds to make targeted grants (usually ranging from $250 to $750) to animal rescue organizations who are involved in a large rescue of many rabbits.

Funds can be used to purchase cages, litterboxes, food, hay or toys, or can be used to fund spay/neuters and other veterinary care.

To apply for these funds, rescue groups and shelters please Click Here.