A Must Have Rabbit Cage Accessory: Hay Racks


It is very important that your rabbit always has plenty of fresh hay at his disposal.  Hay is the healthiest food your rabbit could possibly eat.  Hay has tons of fiber which is great for your rabbit’s gastrointestinal track.    It also is packed with tons of essential nutrients.  Every type of grass hay is great for your rabbit (like Timothy, oat, and Bermuda).  However, Alfalfa hay is not as healthy for your rabbit.  This dark hay has too much calories and protein.  Just remember that the lighter the hay, the healthier it will be for your bunny.

Loose hay is more natural and therefore healthier for rabbits compared to compressed cubes of hay.  The only problem with loose hay is that it can cause a mess in your rabbit’s cage.  You can easily give your rabbit hay without the mess if you have hay racks.  Since hay is such an important aspect of your rabbit’s diet, it is VERY important that you have these hay racks.  Hay racks keep loose hay contained.  Another benefit to hay racks is that they keep hay clean because it prevents hay from being contaminated by waste that may be on your rabbit’s cage floor.

If you are looking for a classic metal hay rack, check out the Hay Manger with Salt Hanger for Small Animals.  It is designed to hook onto the side of your rabbit’s cage, which ensures the hay will always stay clean.  Also, the Hay Manger with Salt Hanger for Small Animals will keep the hay together and prevent it from making your rabbit’s cage messy.  If your rabbit likes salt, this hay rack has a hook for salt.

A cute hay dispenser that my rabbit loves is the Rollin the Hay Dispenser for Small Animals, pictured above.  The ball is 5.5 inches in diameter.  It spins as your rabbit eats the hay, making hay eating a fun treat!  You can use this hay rack for more than just rabbits.  If you have chinchillas or guinea pigs, the Rollin the Hay Dispenser for Small Animals would be perfect for them.