How to Groom Your Rabbit


Grooming your pet rabbit is a great way to bond with him or her. Before you begin grooming, it is a good idea to have all of your grooming tools ready to go. Since rabbits are clean animals and do not get very dirty, you will spend most of your grooming time brushing his or her fur. You may want to keep your rabbit occupied during the grooming session with a little hay or alfalfa or have another person assist you.

Brush your rabbit�s fur on a regular basis to help with shedding and choose a soft brush for grooming fur. If your rabbit spends more time outdoors than in the house, you will probably need to brush your rabbit once a day. If your rabbit is not shedding much, once a week will be ok. Always be sure to use a brush designed for small animals with sensitive skin. A good brush to use is a soft slicker brush. The Tender Touch Slicker Wire Rabbit Brush is designed especially for use on rabbits and is ideal for removing loose fur and getting out any tangles.

Baths are not recommended for rabbits because it frightens them very easily. If you have to wash your rabbit because he or she is dirty, spot cleaning works best. Use a shampoo that is sensitive on the skin and designed for use on rabbits. The Squeaky Clean Critter Shampoo is very gentle on rabbit skin. Use a little shampoo on the dirty spot and gently rinse the shampoo out. To rinse out the shampoo, use a little cup of warm water. Never place your rabbit in a tub of water or pour a lot of water on your rabbit!

Next, use an ear cleaner on your rabbits ear if they appear to be dirty on the external part of the ear. The Clean Ear Cleanser is great for small animals and easy to use. Squirt the ear cleaner on a soft cotton ball and rub the cleaner on the external part of the ear. Do not put the ear cleaner inside the ear with the cotton ball or squirt it directly in the ear.

Lastly, trim your rabbit�s nails as needed. It is a good idea to check the nail length regularly and trim your rabbits nails when necessary. Use a trimmer designed especially for clipping rabbit nails to avoid injury. The Clip & Trim Bunny Nail Trimmers are great for clipping your rabbits nails and attach to your rabbits cage with a magnet for convenience.