How to Litter Train Your Pet Rabbit

Rabbits are intelligent, little furry animals that like to be clean and are capable of being trained to use a litter box. Training your pet rabbit to use a litter box may be easier than you think. Follow these simple steps and your rabbit will be litter trained:

1. Litter training works best with rabbits that are older. The older your rabbit is, the more likely your rabbit will use a litter box.

2. Rabbits that are spayed or neutered are also more likely to use a litter box.
3. Get a litter box designed especially for rabbits. A high-backed litter box is great for preventing litter from being sprayed all over the cage. One of my favorite boxes is the Enclosed Hi-Corner Litter Pan for Small Animals. This litter box takes up minimal space in your rabbitits cage and helps to keep litter contained.
4. Choose litter that is made for rabbits or small animals such as Super Pet Critter Litter. Rabbits have been known to ingest litter and using cat litter can be very harmful to your rabbit if ingested. Critter Litter is especially made for small animals and is non-toxic.
5. Once you have chosen a suitable litter box and litter. The next step is to determine where your rabbit likes to go in the cage. If your rabbit prefers a certain area, place the litter box in that area. This will help encourage your rabbit to use the box.
6. If your rabbit does not like to poop in the box, place their poop in the box until he gets the idea.
7. You may also want to place a hay or alfalfa near the box to encourage your rabbit to sit in the box.
8. If your rabbit is using the litter box in the cage and is ready to roam free in the house, designate a small area in the house with a litter box for your rabbit to use as a potty. If your rabbit has an accident outside of the litter box, place him in the litter box right away.
9. Never force your rabbit to use the box and always praise your rabbit after he uses the box.
10. Lastly, change the litter box frequently and keep the box clean by washing it with warm, soapy water.