RabbitMart – 5 Delicious Valentine Treats for your Rabbit


Willow Wood Chews for Rabbits 2 oz

Natural untreated wood. Highly digestible and 100 percent edible. These wonderful rabbit chews will be a big hit with all your little bunnies.

Rabbit & Guinea Pig Chew Biscuits – 4.5 oz.

The Forti-Diet Pro Health Rabbit & Guinea Pig Chew Biscuits are a nutritious treat.  Rabbits will love the change from normal timothy hay and dig into these.  Remember to use these as treats and only treats, they
should not be part of his or her normal feeding.

Peters Rabbit Chew Toy with Apple

Marshall Pet Peter’s Chew Toy with Apple features a natural hardwood dumbbell.  Dang cute looking rabbit toy that will be a hit in the hutch this Valentine’s Day.

Carousel Chew Toy for Rabbits – Large

Fun carousel chew toy for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals.  Gotta love a little action and this chew will do just that.  Watch your rabbit go after it.

Mineral Candy Chews for Rabbits – 4 piece

Keep your bunny busy with this assortment of mineral candy chews that contain lots of good stuff. Disguised as treat, these chews are actually good for your rabbit!