Easter is 3 weeks away, is there a Bunny Rabbit coming?



Easter is just around the corner, many of us may think about buying a pet rabbit. It’s tempting to purchase a bunny if you have small children that get wrapped up in the Easter Bunny.  While rabbits do make wonderful pets who can be litter-trained, just like cats, remember to take the time to learn about what it means to be a rabbit owner.

Cost:  A bunny isn’t horribly expensive to have as a pet, but there are still the mainstay items needed – bowls, food, rabbit housing, vet costs, adoption fees — that play into the cost.  It can cost around $1000 per year to care for your bunny first-class.

Remember that rabbits are intelligent and energetic pets. Just like dogs, they want social interaction, plenty of exercise, and activities every day. Also like puppies, they chew alot.  They can easily damage household items, so make sure you rabbit-proof your home.  Purchasing some baby gates can be useful to keep certain areas of your home off-limits.  And remind your kids, to keep their homework out of bunnies way.  (Teachers don’t like “My bunny ate my homework” as an excuse!)

Rabbits’ main source of sustenance is hay.  Many people think that bunnies eat mostly pellets, but that is not the case.  Rabbit hay needs to be available to pet rabbits at all times and is important for great dental and digestive health. Bunnies are not a great pet if there are any individuals with hay allergies in the house. Rabbits also need to have their fair share of vegetables daily. Lacking a garden, you will need to purchase produce like lettuce, dandelion greens, and similar food items.

A bunny can be a joy, as with any pet purchase – make sure you are prepared.