Rabbit Ball Toys are Very Entertaining for Rabbits


Rabbits need and enjoy exercise just like other animals need and enjoy exercise.  Using a ball during playtime can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your rabbit.  Exercising your rabbit with a ball is great for not only their physical health, but also their mental well-being.  When choosing a ball for your rabbit, look for one that is made for rabbits or cats.  In general, cat balls are also great toys for rabbits because of their size, but it is a good idea to look for balls that are chew resistant.

  • Natural Fiber Ball Toys.  Because rabbits love to chew, natural fiber balls make great ball toys for rabbits. The Rabbit Woven Grass Play Ball is a great toy for any rabbit owner.  This toy is made of natural grass and is fun for your rabbit to roll around.  Because this ball is made of untreated grass, it is safe for your rabbit to chew on.  Another fun natural ball for your rabbit is the Nature Ball by Ware.  This ball is made of sisal rope and is also great for your rabbit to chew.
  • Rubber Ball Toys. Another type of ball that is a lot of fun to play with your rabbit is the Hol-ee Roller by JW Pet.  This rubber ball is filled with holes that make it lightweight and easy for your rabbit to kick around and chase.  The rubber material is soft and easy on your rabbit’s feet.  When playing with this ball toy, be sure to supervise your rabbit at all times because this ball is not intended for chewing on. 
  • Alternative Ball Toys.  For a different type of ball fun with your rabbit, the Run About Ball is a lot of fun for you and your rabbit.  Place your rabbit inside of the ball and watch him hop around inside.  This ball has a diameter of 7 inches and is made especially for small animals.  If your rabbit is too large for the ball toy, then it is a good idea to let your rabbit just push it around from the outside. Another round shaped toy that is fun for any sized rabbit is the Roll N Chew Toy.  Although this toy is not technically a ball, it is fun for your rabbit roll around and safe for your rabbit to chew.

Healthy Storage for Rabbit Hay and Food


There are a variety of diseases that rabbits can get from contaminated food. Preventing your rabbit from becoming sick is easier with a container for hay or food.  A hay feeder or food shifted is great for keeping the food off of the floor and ideal for keeping your rabbit’s food away waste or other contaminates.

One of my favorite rabbit feeders is the Peter’s Hay Tumbler.  This fun tumbler is great for keeping the hay in one place and “tumbles” the hay to encourage your rabbit to be active.  Just place the tumbler with the hay inside the cage or hutch and watch your rabbit have fun getting the hay out.  It is great for exercising and entertaining your rabbit.  When your rabbit is done with the hay in the feeder, the cardboard container can be reused or recycled.

Another hay feeder that is great for storing the hay off of the floor is the Small Pet Hay Rack.  This enclosed hay rack is ideal for storing hay and keeping it together in one place.  Your rabbit can take hay from the feeder as he desires, while the feeder helps to prevent the hay from becoming contaminated from waste or filth.

A great feeder for storing rabbit food is the Rabbit Sifter Feeder With Lid.  This feeder is designed to attach to your rabbit’s cage and slowly disperses the food.  The food stays cleaner and healthier for your rabbit.  It is made of metal and is easy to clean out.

Keeping your rabbit healthy is easier when your rabbit’s hay and food is stored in a place that keeps it away from contaminates and more.  For a variety of hay racks and food dishes, check out RabbitMart.

Fun, Great Gifts for Your Rabbit



With the holiday season quickly approaching, it is a great time for you to give your rabbit a new food dish, carrier or hutch.  Your rabbit will be happy to have something new and fun to play with and will greatly appreciate it.  There are a lot of great products for your rabbit to make your rabbit happy and your life easier.  Here are a few of my favorite items for rabbits:

For a fun alternative to the traditional feeding bowl, the Vege-T-Bowl Orange Carrot has a fun, carrot shape and is brightly colored to spice up your rabbit’s living space.  It is made of durable ceramic that is easy to wash.  The carrot shape is perfect for any rabbit who loves carrots and doesn’t take up much space in your rabbit’s cage or hutch.  The Vege-T-Bowl Green Cabbage and the Vege-T-Bowl Orange Radish also make fun, colorful dishes for your pet rabbit.  Both of these dishes are also made of ceramic and easy to clean.

When toting your rabbit around town, a great rabbit tote is a fun and stylish alternative to the traditional pet carrier.  One of my favorite tote bags this season is the Tote Around Town Pet Carrier Bag by Sherpa Pet Group.  This tote has a classic shape in black and makes toting around your rabbit easy and convenient. The sides have mesh panels to provide your rabbit with great ventilation.  In addition, this tote is lightweight to carry and has lots of pockets for storing all of your essentials. It is constructed to be very durable and is made of nylon that is easy to clean.

Expand your rabbit’s living space with the Premium + Double Decker Hutch for Rabbits.  This double floor hutch will make the perfect home for your rabbit.  Great for one or two rabbits who get along well.  This hutch may be used indoors or outdoors and has plenty of room for all of your rabbit accessories.  It is made to be very durable and each floor has a separate hiding space for your rabbit to snuggle in and take a nap.

This holiday season give your rabbit a special new food bowl, a stylish carrier, or a cozy, new hutch.  For a variety of great products, check at Rabbit Mart.

Eliminate Bad Rabbit Stains and Odors



Having a rabbit as an indoor pet is fun and allows you to spend more bonding time with your rabbits.  Even if your rabbit is litter trained, he or she is bound to have an accident here and there.  So, if your rabbit enjoys living indoors, but you don’t enjoy the stains and odors left from your rabbit’s accidents, there are some great products that help to eliminate both.

For carpet accidents, treat the stain as soon as possible to help remove the waste from the carpet and reduce the chance of staining.  When treating the stain, use a stain and odor removing such as the Natures Miracle Orange Oxy Stain & Odor remover.  This fast-acting penetrates the stain with a natural enzyme that breaks down the waste and helps to prevent odors. There is no need to dilute the formula, which makes it easy to use in a hurry. For set-in stains, you may want to use a brush after applying the formula to help penetrate inside the carpet fibers.  Once the stain and odor remover dries completely, the odor should be gone and only a fresh orange remains.

If you or your family are sensitve to fragrance, choose the regular Natures Miracle Stain and Odor Removal.  This formula is made with the same powerful enzyme that is in the orange formula and works quickly to break down the stain and remove the odor.  It is also safe to use around your pets and children and may be used on carpet, furniture, and more to help rid you of the problem area.

Another great stain and odor remover for small animals is the Urine-Off Small Animal Spray.  This convenient spray is also formulated to penetrate the stain deeply and get rid of the bad odor smell.  It is great for small jobs and for use around your pet.  It may also be used with the Urine Finder for old accidents that leave a nasty smell.

Treating your rabbit’s stain and odor is easy when you use the right cleaning product.  The sooner that you can treat the accident, the less likely it will leave a stain and unpleasent odor.  For all of your rabbit’s cleaning needs, check out Rabbit Mart.

Keep Your Rabbit Happy and Healthy with Fortified Rabbit Food


Keeping your rabbit happy and healthy at mealtime is easy and convenient with a diet of fortified rabbit food.  Fortified diets are ideal for giving your rabbit a blend of nutrients that your rabbit needs on a daily basis.  In addition to giving your rabbit fortified rabbit food, it is also important to give your rabbit hay (Timothy or Alfalfa hay depending on your rabbit’s age) every day.  Fortified rabbit food makes giving your rabbit the right amount of nutrients every day easy and convenient.  Here are some fortified rabbit diets that are made for especially for keeping your rabbit healthy and happy all day long throughout his or her life:

Kaytee makes a great line of fortified rabbit food that is formulated with vitamins and minerals and is in an easy-to-chew pellet form.  To start your rabbit off right, give your rabbit the Forti-diet Prohealth Juvenile Rabbit food by Kaytee.  This fortified rabbit food contains a variety of nutrients that help support brain, heart and eye development.  It should be given to rabbits that are under 12 months of age or rabbits that are breeding.  The pellets are smaller to be easy for your young rabbit to eat.

When your rabbit is older than 12 months of age, the Forti-Diet Prohealth Adult Rabbit Food  is a great source of nutrients that adult rabbits need on a daily basis.  It also helps to maintain brain, heart and eye function and is a great source of antioxidants.  It is also made with probiotics to help maintain proper digestion and the pellet shape is easy for your rabbit to consume.

To add some crunch into your rabbit’s diet, give your rabbit Rabbit Forti-diet Crunch by Kaytee.  This fortified rabbit food has a great crunchy texture that rabbits love to nibble on.  This fortified rabbit food is also ideal for helping to keep teeth healthier.

Clipping Your Rabbit’s Nails


Clipping your rabbit’s nails is an important part of your rabbit’s grooming routine.  By clipping your rabbit’s nails on a regular basis, preferably every six to eight weeks, it has a variety of benefits including:  helping to keep your rabbit’s paws in good shape, makes getting around easier, and helping to prevent a nail from getting stuck and causing injury.  In addition to keeping your rabbit’s nails healthier, clipping your rabbit’s nails on a regular basis also helps to prevent your rabbit from scratching your skin and it makes easier to hold onto your rabbit.  It is important to use a nail clipper that is made especially for clipping your rabbit’s nails and keep a blood coagulant like Gimborn Kwik Stop Gel Formula handy to easily stop bleeding quickly and safely.  Here some great nail clippers to use on your rabbit:

  • The Super Pet Pro Nail Trimmer is the perfect size for clipping your rabbit’s nails.  It has a scissor style that makes cutting quick and a sure -grip to give you a good hold on the clippers.  The blades are made of stainless steel and sharp enough to cleanly clip your rabbit’s nails without much effort.
  • Another scissor-style nail clippers for use on your rabbit’s nails is the Super Nail Clipper by Four Paws.  These nail clippers have sturdy handles that give you a sure grip.  The blades are sharp and make clipping quick and easy.
  • To help remind you of the need to clip your rabbit’s nails on a regular basis, the Clip & Trim Bunny Nail Trimmers by Super Pet includes scissor-style rabbit nail clipper in an attractive, bunny-inspired magnetic case that clips to the outside of your rabbit’s cage.  The clipper blades are made of stainless steel to help prevent them from rusting and are sharp for smooth, easy cutting.

Keep Cool, Fresh Water Available for Your Rabbit All Day Long


Rabbits thrive better in colder temperatures, so when the temperatures warm up, it is very important to make sure your rabbit has a constant supply of fresh water to help keep him or her hydrated.  Keeping fresh water around is even more important to your rabbit’s health and well-being if your rabbit stays outdoors.  To help keep your rabbit hydrated and feeling healthy, use a water bottle or bowl to hold your rabbit’s water.  Here are some great products to use in your rabbit’s hutch or cage to provide your rabbit with a constant supply of water:

  • The Small Pet Water Bottle by Sun Seed is designed to hold your rabbit’s water and helps to keep it clean.  This inexpensive water bottle is sold in a variety of sizes to meet your rabbit’s needs.  A great way to keep your rabbit feeling hydrated with cool water all day.  Get two or more bottles and alternate them in your rabbit’s cage.  It is a good idea to fill the bottle with water and store them in the refrigerator to help keep them cooler longer.  You may also want to store them in the freezer for a short time to cool the water quickly.  Just remember to remove the water before it freezes over.
  • Another great water bottle to use in your rabbit’s cage is the Clear Chewproof Bottle for Small Animals by Super Pet.  This water bottle is clear and allows you to easily see when it needs to be refilled.  This bottle may be also stored in the refrigerator to help keep the water cooler longer for your rabbit.
  • If your rabbit prefers to drink water from a bowl or dish, you can keep the water feeling cooler by adding ice cubes and by placing it on top of a freezer pack.  If you decide to use a freezer pack, make sure that it is made of non-toxic materials and placed in a position that will make it hard for your rabbit to nibble on.

Give Your Rabbit Hay Everyday for Healthier Digestion


Rabbits needs to have hay in their diet every single day because it helps to keep them regular and has essential nutrients that rabbits need everyday.  Hay is high in fiber and is necessary for making digestion easier for your rabbit.  Rabbits are able to process the nutrients in hay by eating it first and excreting it in their droppings called cecotrope.  Cecotropes are made in the cecum.  Rabbits will then eat the cecotrope droppings to absorb all of the nutrients in the hay.  If your rabbit’s diet does not contain enough fiber and too many carbohydrates, then the cecum will make soft cecotropes that are difficult for your rabbit to eat.  Regardless of diet, if your rabbit is making soft cecotropes, it is best to have your rabbit checked out by a vetrinarian to make sure that low fiber is the cause of the problem.

To keep your rabbit feeling and looking healthy, here are some hay products that will help to keep your rabbit’s digestion running smoothly:

  • For rabbits that are over 6 months old, first-cut Timothy hay is the best kind of hay for your rabbit.  Timothy hay is high in fiber and ideal for keeping your rabbit healthy.  First-cut hay is courser than second-cut hay, but if your rabbit is picky, he may not eat first-cut hay.  Regardless of the type of Timothy hay, it is very important that your rabbit eat hay everyday. 
  • Give your rabbit loose hay if possible for your rabbit to munch on.  If you give your rabbit loose hay, it is a good idea put loose in a hay rack for your rabbit to nibble on as he pleases.
  • You can also offer your rabbit Timothy hay cubes, but they don’t offer as much fiber for your rabbit’s daily diet.  If your rabbit prefers hay cubes, give your rabbit a pellet food that is high in fiber to help supplement his diet.  

Things to Avoid When Traveling on the Road with Your Rabbit


Travel season is quickly approaching and if you plan on traveling on the road with your pet rabbit this summer, there are some things to avoid when traveling to help ensure your rabbit’s health and safety.  Making sure that your rabbit is safe and happy when traveling is one of the most important things to remember when traveling this summer.  To make your trip more enjoyable for both you and your rabbit, here are some dangerous things to avoid when traveling:

  • Whether you are traveling in a car, truck, SUV, or another type of vehicle, it is important to make sure that your rabbit is not left alone in a hot car.  During the summer, the temperature can quickly rise and can make your car feel like a hot oven.  Even a few minutes alone in a hot car can cause your rabbit to overheat and become sick and can even cause death.  For this reason, it is important to always take precautions not to leave your rabbit alone in the car when you make a stop.  If you have to make a stop and need to leave your vehicle, a soft rabbit carrier is ideal for carrying your rabbit around when you make a stop.   The Tote Around Town Pet Carrier Bag is a soft rabbit carrier that looks like an ordinary tote bag and is perfect for carrying your rabbit around when making a stop.
  • Regardless if you plan a short or long road trip with your rabbit, a small plastic carrier, such as Marchioro Skipper Pet Carrier, will help to keep your safe and comfortable in the vehicle.  It is not a good idea to use a cardboard box because it doesn’t provide good ventilation if the top is not open and can become soggy and messy from urine.   In addition, a travel bag is not a good idea for keeping your rabbit safe and comfortable in the vehicle.

Fight Cage Boredom with a Rabbit Toy


Staying several hours in the cage on a daily basis can be very boring for your rabbit and can give your rabbit cage boredom.  To help fight cage boredom and spice up your rabbit’s day, give your pet rabbit a new rabbit toy to enjoy and play with in the cage.  A new rabbit chew toy is perfect for helping to get rid of cage boredom and helps to keep your rabbit’s teeth healthy and clean at the same time.  Always make sure to give your rabbit only toys that are made especially for rabbits, since rabbits love to chew on them. 

The classic carrot shape makes the Bunny Flip n Toss Toys fun for your rabbit to chew on.  This rabbit toy consists of sisal material that is safe for your rabbit to chew.  It is lots of fun for your rabbit to toss and flip and it also fun for interplay with your rabbit.  A rattle inside the carrot helps to get your rabbit’s attention.

Treat your rabbit to a fun toy and a treat at the same time with the Peters Rabbit Chew Toy with Apple.  This toy is great for rabbits to chew on and  consists of a wooden barbell with a dehydrated apple at the center.  Rabbits love the taste of apples and enjoy chewing on the wooden barbell.  It is made of non-toxic materials that are safe for your rabbit to chew and help to keep rabbit teeth trim and neat.

The Bun-E-Fun Ring Toss Toy for Small Animals is another rabbit toy that is great for helping to fight cage boredom.  It is made of a variety of wooden shapes that are strung together on a rope made of natural material.  Your rabbit will delight in the variety of fun textures and shapes.