Top 5 Reasons to join a Pet Related Social Network

  1. Your friends are slowly de-friending you on Facebook and you suspect that it’s because of your continuous “rabbit or pet” themed posts.
  2. When you post a new video of your “bun” on YouTube, you’ve been known to stare at the screen waiting for a comment for hours.  (Why wouldn’t people be flocking to your pet videos?)
  3. Over the last year, the number of “likes” on your posted photos are falling exponentially.  (well they may be down to zero)
  4. On LINKEDIN – you’ve already gotten a number of “nasty” inbox emails telling you that Linkedin is a “business network” not a “pet network“.
  5. You haven’t had a retweet on twitter for a year now!

It’s time you joined an animal lover / pet lover social network to start sharing some like-minded tweets, likes, blogs, photos and videos of your precious animals and pets – Join today (it’s free!)