Top 5 Reasons to join a Pet Related Social Network

  1. Your friends are slowly de-friending you on Facebook and you suspect that it’s because of your continuous “rabbit or pet” themed posts.
  2. When you post a new video of your “bun” on YouTube, you’ve been known to stare at the screen waiting for a comment for hours.  (Why wouldn’t people be flocking to your pet videos?)
  3. Over the last year, the number of “likes” on your posted photos are falling exponentially.  (well they may be down to zero)
  4. On LINKEDIN – you’ve already gotten a number of “nasty” inbox emails telling you that Linkedin is a “business network” not a “pet network“.
  5. You haven’t had a retweet on twitter for a year now!

It’s time you joined an animal lover / pet lover social network to start sharing some like-minded tweets, likes, blogs, photos and videos of your precious animals and pets – Join today (it’s free!) has gone social!


Well – we have always been a social store – and of course rabbits are social animals – but we are talking about social media.  We launched our Facebook page this month: Be sure to give us a LIKE.  We promise we won’t bombard you with a bunch of nonsense – just some good deals and good information and of course – good rabbit fun!

On twitter?  We have a new twitter account also – make sure you FOLLOW us @rabbitmartstore!/rabbitmartstore

Stay Tuned .. there is a whole lot more coming from!

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It’s that time of year again to celebrate Independence Day across the US!!

What a better way to celebrate than to go to get some great deals for your pet rabbits!

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New Year’s Weight Watchers Resolution for your BUNNY?


How do you know if your bunny is fat?

Many house rabbits are fat! Rabbits store fat inside their abdomen, which makes just looking at them for love handles ineffective.

Run your hands along your rabbit’s side, feeling the rib cage. When you reach the end of the ribs, your should be able to feel a slight inward slope, the waist. Fat bunnies will balloon out instead.

Remember that the ribs are palpable in even quite obese rabbits, so don’t let your bunny fool you into more snacks! The key to diet change and weight loss is to do it GRADUALLY.

Any fast weight loss will risk doing major, sometimes fatal, damage to the liver as it becomes clogged with fat. Slowly wean your rabbit off pellets, reduce starchy vegetables like carrots but always make sure your bunny has plenty of alfalfa hay. Provide your bunny with lots of exercise time and rabbit toys.

Thanksgiving Day Coupons at


Happy Thanksgiving to all the Rabbit Lovers across the United States and the world.

Thank you Lord for the wonderful world that you have given us to enjoy. Thank you for the animals and pets you have bestowed on us. We love our bunnies and they are part of our family.

Thank you for our health, family, homes and nature.

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Noises that Rabbits Make


Rabbits are not very vocal but have a range of sounds indicating different feelings:

Thumping of the back feet – this noise is associated with fear and is a way of warning others of dangers in the area. Dominant rabbits will also thump in order to gain attention.

Hissing, growling or muttering – usually indicates aggression and precedes an attack. It indicates the rabbit feels threatened or is behaving territorially.

Teeth grinding – soft grinding or cooing means your rabbit is happy (and often accompanies being tickled or stroked). Loud grinding is a sign of intense pain as is loud squealing – it may also indicate danger.

Brought to you by Rabbit Mart – Rabbit Supplies for Less

RabbitMart Honored to be included in Petazon’s Price Comparison Site


Not long ago, RabbitMart was contacted to determine interest in a pet and animal price comparison engine that was expected to launch in February of 2010.  

We showed interest in the niche price comparison site because we felt that the market needed this type of shopping comparison engine and we liked the Pay Per Performance aspect of the site. 

RabbitMart has always prided itself in low prices and we constantly scan the internet to make sure that we are on the leading edge per se’ of prices.  Petazon’s Shopping Comparison engine for pets seemed to the right answer for us and would soon prove that we really were the lowest rabbit store on the net.

The motto of Petazon’s price comparison software is: “Search, Compare & Buy.”   Simplicity rules. 

Petazon finally launched after almost a year of development and we love what we see.  Petazon’s Pet Supply Price Engine has a unique feature that we have never seen anywhere called “Ask for a Deal”.  On each product page, the visitor can start a bargain with retailers like RabbitMart by filling out a simple form. 

Retailers like RabbitMart (which is participating in the Ask for a Deal feature) can accept the request or deny it. Petazon visitors indicate a quantity they need and a price that they are willing to pay.  In many cases, we can lower our prices if a larger quantity is purchased.

Along with the “Ask for a Deal” feature, Petazon has a newsletter, brand pages, over 30 participating retailers and some products are available to compare at over 10 individual retailers.  This is the largest and most comprehensive product comparison site for Pet, Lawn and Garden, Animal and Farm products that we have ever seen.

Congratulations to the Petazon owners.