RabbitMart – 5 Delicious Valentine Treats for your Rabbit


Willow Wood Chews for Rabbits 2 oz

Natural untreated wood. Highly digestible and 100 percent edible. These wonderful rabbit chews will be a big hit with all your little bunnies.

Rabbit & Guinea Pig Chew Biscuits – 4.5 oz.

The Forti-Diet Pro Health Rabbit & Guinea Pig Chew Biscuits are a nutritious treat.  Rabbits will love the change from normal timothy hay and dig into these.  Remember to use these as treats and only treats, they
should not be part of his or her normal feeding.

Peters Rabbit Chew Toy with Apple

Marshall Pet Peter’s Chew Toy with Apple features a natural hardwood dumbbell.  Dang cute looking rabbit toy that will be a hit in the hutch this Valentine’s Day.

Carousel Chew Toy for Rabbits – Large

Fun carousel chew toy for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals.  Gotta love a little action and this chew will do just that.  Watch your rabbit go after it.

Mineral Candy Chews for Rabbits – 4 piece

Keep your bunny busy with this assortment of mineral candy chews that contain lots of good stuff. Disguised as treat, these chews are actually good for your rabbit!

Make Your Rabbit Happy with a Wood or Mineral Chew

Your pet rabbit has a the urge to chew throughout the day and keeping that urge in control is important for the welfare of your furniture and your rabbit. A great way to control your rabbit’s urge is to offer your rabbit a wood or mineral chews. Not only do wood and mineral chews satisfy your rabbit’s urge to chew, but they help to keep your rabbit’s teeth clean and trim.

When choosing a wood chew, look for a chew that is made of untreated wood. Wood chews that are colored with food coloring make great chews too and come in a variety of fun shapes. The Veggie Bites Pre-Drilled Wood Chews are fun and colorful wood chews that may be hung on the Treat Ka-Bob in your rabbit’s cage for her to chew. Pre-drilled wood chews are ideal for use in the rabbit cage because they are kept off of the floor and away from your rabbit’s waste. By hanging the wood chews up in your rabbit’s cage, it also keeps the cage neater. Loose wood chews are great for times when your rabbit is on the loose. Keep some wood chews around the house or in a playpen to entertain your rabbit and keep her away from the furniture.
Another type of chew is a mineral chew. Mineral chews are great for rabbits because they supply your rabbit with essential minerals and keep their teeth trim and clean. There are lots of fun mineral chews in various shapes and colors available for your rabbit to enjoy, like the Mineral Candy Sweet Hearts, which comes in a fun heart shape and pastel colors. Mineral chews are also available with pre-drilled holes for hanging on a treat ka-bob.
When starting off, give your rabbit a variety of wood and mineral chews to determine which shape and size your rabbit prefers. If your rabbit is happy chewing on the wood and mineral chews, she will be less likely to chew on items and furniture around your house. For a great selection of chews for rabbits, check out RabbitMart.

Give Your Rabbit a Wood Chew to Help Keep Teeth Trim and Healthy


Your rabbit’s teeth are likely to keep growing and growing if you don’t give your rabbit something suitable to chew on.  It is important to keep your rabbit’s teeth trim to avoid having future problems health problems with them.  Rabbits have a natural chewing instinct that helps to keep teeth trim and healthy and will chew on anything to help satisfy this urge to chew.  

A great way to help satisfy this instinctive urge to chew and to help keep teeth trim and healthy is to give your rabbit some wood chews.  Wood chews for rabbits are made from wood that are safe for rabbits to chew on and some are colored with food safe dyes. Wood chews are available in a variety of styles and you may want to provide your rabbit with a variety of different chews to nibble on.

A great way to offer your rabbit a wide variety of wood chews is to give your rabbit the Best Buy Bites Assorted Small Animal Chews by Ware Manufacturing.  These wood chews are dyed with food safe dyes and are designed to fit on a treat ka-bob, which hangs up in your rabbit’s wire cage.  They are cut in a variety of shapes and ideal for your rabbit to nibble on.  Each bag contains 16 pieces to satisfy your rabbit’s urge to chew.

Another mixed package of wood chews, the Veggie Bites Pre-Drilled Wood Chews by Super Pet, is perfect for offering your rabbit a variety of fun, vegetable inspired wood chews.  These wood chews for rabbits are also colored in food-safe dyes and made of high quality wood that are perfect for chewing on and great for helping to keep rabbit teeth trim and healthy.  Each wood chew has been pre-drilled to fit on a treat ka-bob, which helps to keep the wood chews cleaner for your rabbit to chew on.

Rabbit Wood Chews that Keep Your Rabbit Entertained All Winter Long


Winter time can be a hard time for your rabbit when outdoor time is limited.  Giving your rabbit a wood chew is great for helping to keep your rabbit busy and entertained.  In addition, rabbit wood chews are great for keeping your rabbit’s teeth healthy and trim.  Offer your rabbit a lot of options to keep him interested in the wood chew and not on a piece of furniture in your home.

Rabbits love to chew on the Apple Orchard Sticks by Super Pet.  These tasty wooden sticks have an apple flavor that rabbits love to nibble on and your rabbit are sure to keep your rabbit entertained for hours.  In addition, your rabbit’s teeth will stay trim, clean, and healthy.  The package contains five sticks, so your rabbit won’t be without his favorite wood chew.

An unique take on the wood chew is the Chew-A-Lot Barksicle Wood Treat for rabbits.  This fun wood chew is in the shape of a popsicle and even has a wooden stick.  Your rabbit will love the wooden texture and natural wood taste when chewing.  This wood chew also has the benefit of keeping your rabbit’s teeth in great shape.

In addition to the fun Barksicle, rabbits love the taste and texture of the Chew-A-Lot Bar Wood Treats by Ware Manufacturing.  This fun wood chew has an authentic chocolate bar look and is even packaged in a wrapper.  Your rabbit’s day will be much better when he can release his craving to nibble on this fun wood chew.   You may also place this wood chew on the Ware Treat-K-Bob to help keep if off of the floor of your rabbit’s cage.

This winter make sure that your rabbit has plenty of wood chews to help keep him busy and happy.  For a great selection of wood chews, check out RabbitMart.