Cleaning your Rabbit’s Ears



Cleaning your rabbit’s ears is an especially delicate operation because you need to earn the rabbit’s trust first.
This is no small task for rabbits that frighten easy. Before tackling the ear cleaning job, spend a few weeks cuddling and stroking your rabbit, so that he or she trusts you and doesn’t mind being handled.
You will need to regularly check inside your rabbit’s ears to make sure there isn’t any build up of ear wax.
The golden rule is: don’t stick anything in your rabbit’s ear that could hurt them, poke or go into the ear canal. It may have taken along time to earn your rabbit’s trust, so be gentle in the actual cleaning of the ear! Try using a gentle ear-wash like Four Paws Anti-itch ear cleaner. Four Paws Ear Wash Anti-Itch Cleaner is used by veterinarians and groomers to remove odor causing ear wax. Formulated with only the highest quality ingredients for maximum effectiveness. Soothes and cools will not sting.
Rabbit ears should be cleaned every two weeks, but you should run an ear check daily for wax build up. Any black discharge or soreness in the ear could indicate mites of other infections that require the attention of a veterinarian or rabbit ear mite medication.
Use a soft cotton ball or cotton-tipped swab and clean areas that are visible. You don’t need to go into the ear canal or anywhere that you cannot clearly see. Leave the ear canal to the veterinarian if a condition develops.
Gently rub the cotton ball or swab, remove any wax or grime that has collected in the ear and you are finished. Tell your rabbit what a good boy or girl they are and gently release them.
Cleaning your rabbit’s ears should be a welcome process and not cause them any anxiety or stress. Gentle, Consistent and trust development are the keys.

Cleaning Your Rabbit’s Ears


Rabbit’s ears are particularly susceptible to problems like ear mites or infection.  You need to check your rabbit’s ears at least once a week.  If you are bathing your rabbit once a week, this would be a perfect time to check his ears!  The more you check your rabbit’s ears, the more likely you will be able to see abnormalities.  When checking your rabbit’s ears, pay special attention to problems such as sores, crusty areas, bumps, excessive amounts of wax, or odd smells.

If you notice a foul odor, you can use a treatment like Dr. Golds Ear Therapy for Pets.  It disinfects any fungal or yeast infections that could be producing an odd smell.  The medication is given through a dropper, and it contains no alcohol so it will not irritate your rabbit’s ears.  Be sure to massage product into ears for at least one minute, and then wipe off the remaining formula.

If you find general debris in your rabbit’s ears, you can wipe it out with a cotton ball.  Never ever put a cotton swab in your bunny’s ear canal as it can do major damage.  Wax in a rabbit’s ear is normal, and it is actually beneficial because it serves as a protective layer.  However, if you notice excess wax, you may use a treatment like the Ear Wash Anti Itch Cleaner for Pets.  This is a non-irritating formula, and will easily wash away excess ear wax.  You should only use this product once a month, as using it too often can remove too much wax.

While it is easy to clean up debris and wax, much worse problems can occur in your bunny’s ears.  For example, one common problem is that ear mites may infest your rabbit’s inner ear canals.  If your rabbit is suffering from ear mites you will notice ear scratching and head shaking.  It is very important that you take your rabbit to the vet if you suspect they have ear mites, because untreated ear mites can lead to hearing loss. Your vet will look at discharge from the ear under a microscope to diagnose whether or not your bunny has ear mites.

You can help treat the symptoms of ear mites Adams Pene-Mite Ear Mite Treatment, shown above.  You will use the treatment for 12 days, with the adverse symptoms lessening within 4-6 days.  Using an eye dropper, you will drip the solution into the ear canal, and massage the ear to distribute the medication.

Take Care of Your Rabbit’s Amazing Ears


A rabbit’s ears are one of the most amazing parts of your rabbits and need to be properly cared for to help keep them healthy.  Never speak loudly or make loud noises around your rabbit because loud noises will stress out your rabbit and cause health issues.  It is very important to keep your rabbit’s environment quiet and calm.  Here are some interesting facts about rabbit ears:  they have an amazing sense of hearing and can easily hear a predator coming from far away or a faint sound from far away, they are flexible, and they are used to release body heat and cool down your rabbit. 

To help keep your rabbit’s ears clean and healthy, use an ear cleaner like Clean Ear Cleanser for Small Animals 2 oz..  This cleaner is very easy to use and may be squirted on a cotton ball to wipe the outer parts of the ear out.  Never use the cleaner directly on the ear or try to clean inside the year.  While you are cleaning your rabbit’s ears, you may also want to check for ear mites or signs of an ear infection.

If you notice that your rabbit’s ears are itchy and your rabbit is scratching them or shaking his head a lot, inspect your rabbit’s ears for ear mites. Ear mites are a cause of itching and if your rabbit has them, you may notice discharge that is crusty and dark around the opening to the inner ear.  If you see these signs, you will need to take your rabbit to the veterinarian as soon as possible for a diagnosis.  If this condition is left untreated, your rabbit may suffer from hearing loss and their hearing is critical for their survival.  You may want to try products like Excel Ear Mite Remedy or Adams Pene-Mite Ear Mite Treatment to help treat your rabbit’s ear mites after your rabbit has be diagnosed by a veterinarian with the problem.