Train Your Rabbit to Use a Harness


Making sure that your rabbit gets enough exercise can be difficult if your rabbit stays in his cage all day long and does not spend a lot of time running free.

A great way to allow your rabbit to get some exercise and spend some quality time bonding with you is to take your rabbit for a walk. Walking with your rabbit can be a fun experience for both you and your rabbit if you have the right equipment. A rabbit harness, like the Peters Rabbit Walking Jacket, is essential for walking your rabbit and is designed not to choke him when walking.

Getting your rabbit comfortable with the harness should be done in stages and in the comfort and safety of your own home:

  • Choose a harness that will fit your rabbit comfortably. The Walk-N-Vest Leash is great for variety of rabbits and is available in four different sizes.
  • It is best to familiarize your rabbit with the harness first. Allow your rabbit to sniff the harness and check it out. If your rabbit thinks the harness is a toy, allow him to play with it as long as he doesn’t chew it.
  • Once your rabbit has had a chance to check the harness out and realize that it is harmless, place the harness on his back to allow him to get comfortable with the harness on. It is a good idea not to buckle the harness at this point.
  • If he appears to be comfortable with the harness on his back, buckle the harness and allow your rabbit to move around in it. If your harness has a leash attached to the harness, don’t pick up or hold the leash yet. Just allow your rabbit to get comfortable moving around with the harness on.
  • After your rabbit has had a few minutes to adjust to wearing the harness, attach the leash or pick up the leash if it is attached to the harness. Walk your rabbit around the house first, to get him comfortable to the idea. Let your rabbit guide you around your house.
  • Next, take your rabbit outside for a short walk around the yard. Gradually increase the area for your walk. It is a good idea to keep your rabbit to a confined area where other animals do not have access.
  • Remember that rabbits can scare easily, so if your rabbit seems afraid or is not wanting to walk, pick up your rabbit and take him inside to take the harness off and start over at another time. Always walk your rabbit in an area that is safe for your rabbit.

How to Exercise Your Pet Rabbit


Is your pet rabbit

  • bored?
  • overweight?
  • has no energy?

If your rabbit is caged in all day, he or she may need to get out and get some fresh air and exercise. Rabbits love attention from their owners and can get lonely in a cage all day, so daily time spent outdoors is very beneficial for their physical and mental well-being.

One easy and economical way for your pet rabbit to get some exercise and spend quality time with you is take your rabbit for a walk. A rabbit leash is very useful when taking your rabbit for a stroll and your rabbit will love the change of scenery.

A comfortable walking leash for rabbits is the Peters Rabbit Walking Jacket. This cute little jacket is easy to put on your rabbit, easy to care for and gives you the freedom to take your pet for a walk.

If you pet rabbit does like to walk with a leash, another way for your pet rabbit to get some exercise and fresh air is in an outdoor exercise pen. An outdoor pen is easy to set-up in the grass and allows your rabbit to enjoy nature and fresh air. Your rabbit will be able to walk in the grass, nibble on a plant or bask in the sun. Toss in some of your rabbit�s favorite toys or treats to get your rabbit hopping.

Every rabbit owner should make sure that their pet rabbit gets exercise and gets to spend some quality time outdoors. Taking your pet rabbit for a walk is easy and economical. If your rabbit doesn’t like walking on a leash, choose an outdoor pen for him or her to hop around in. It is important to spend time exercising your rabbit for their mental and physical health.
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Your Bunny Would Love to go Outside for a Walk!


Rabbits love exploring outdoors, and there is no safer way to do that than to put a harness on your rabbit and walk him on a leash!  A harness is very safe for your rabbit because it holds him by his chest and shoulders.  You should never use a collar, which holds your rabbit around his neck, which could easily slip off of your rabbit.  Your rabbit will need to get used to his harness before going for a walk.  Here are the steps you should take to get your rabbit comfortable with having the harness on:

  1. Purchase a rabbit harness.  The Peters Rabbit Walking Jacket, pictured above, is a perfect rabbit harness.  There is a quick snap closure that ensures a safe walking experience.  It can also be adjusted to fit any size bunny.  The Peters Rabbit Walking Jacket comes with an elasticized leash that easily stretches.  If you have a large bunny, you can get the Rabbit Comfort Harness with Lead.  The Rabbit Comfort Harness with Lead also has an elastic lead that ensures your bunny does not get jerked around during his walk.
  2. Let your rabbit investigate the harness by putting it on the floor and letting him smell it.
  3. If your rabbit does not seem to be interested in looking at the harness, put some treats on it to encourage him to hop on it and do some investigating.
  4. Once your rabbit has seen the harness, you should put it on his back (do not strap it in, just rest it on his back).  You want the rabbit to feel the weight of the harness and realize that it is harmless.
  5. When your rabbit feels comfortable with the feel of the harness on his back, you can strap him in.
  6. Once your rabbit feels comfortable hopping around with the harness, strap on the leash and walk around the house with him on the leash.
  7. The last and best step: Take your bunny outside for a walk!

Something to keep in mind is that you should never leave the rabbit harness on your rabbit when you are not supervising him.  Rabbits may try to chew on their harness, and harnesses are made of materials that should never be ingested.

Rabbit Summertime Tips for Safety


It’s summertime and we all like to get outside for fresh air and exercise, that includes our pets!
Small pets, such as rabbits will need extra supervision when outside during the summer.

Keep in mind that domesticated rabbits do not have the natural survival skills of a wild rabbit. Walking leashes or outdoor cages/playpens are strongly recommended and will keep your rabbit out of harms way.

Here are a few tips on keeping your rabbit safe outside.

– Purchase a harness or walking jacket and make sure it’s snug so your rabbit will not wiggle out of it.  Teach your rabbit to walk on a leash.
– Avoid areas that might have pesticides or weed killer on lawns and gardens. These chemicals can be harmful to pets and can be fatal if ingested.

–  Bugs, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks can transmit various diseases. Check your rabbit for insects or bites after being outside and ask your local veterinarian for flea and tick control advice.

– Some plants are poisonous for rabbits.

–  Have a first aid kit on hand in case your rabbit happens to get a small cut or abrasion. This will help prevent infections.

– Know your surroundings and the potential rabbit predators in your area. Hawks, crows cats and dogs can suddenly appear out of nowhere causing stress, injury or death to your little rabbit.

– Be aware of the signs of heat stroke! Rabbits are sensitive to high temperatures above 85F degrees. Labored breathing, flaring nostrils, salivating and inability to move are all signs that your rabbit might be having a heatstroke.

– Never leave your rabbit unattended outside.

The outdoors can be an exciting and fun place for your furry friends and with the proper safety precautions you both can have an enjoyable outing together.

Fresh Air Fun that is Safe for Your Rabbit


If you have an indoor rabbit, it is important to allow your rabbit to spend some time outdoors enjoying the fresh air and having some fun outdoor time.  When taking your rabbit outdoors, it is important to make sure that you provide a safe environment for your rabbit at all times.  If you don’t have a fenced in yard, this can be a challenge, but it is possible with the use of a rabbit leash, stroller, or small animal carrier.  Rabbits that are used to the protection of the indoors need to be supervised when outdoors to ensure their safety and to help keep them feeling safe and calm.

For rabbit owners, who do not have a fenced-in yard, you have several options for taking your rabbit outdoors for some wonderful, fresh air:

  • Use a harness with leash like the Small Animal Harness with Stretchy Stroller by Super Pet.  This harness is easy to put on your rabbit and allows you to safely walk around the yard with your rabbit.  The stretchy leash is great for allowing your rabbit some freedom without making your rabbit feel restrained.  Your rabbit will enjoy feeling, smelling, and nibbling on the grass as he enjoys the fresh air.
  • The HoundAbout Pet Stroller is great for taking your rabbit around the block to enjoy the fresh air without your rabbit feeling insecure and scared.  This pet stroller is made especially for pets and the large wheels give your rabbit a smoother, less bumpy ride.  It is great for a walk in the park and gives your rabbit the opportunity to safely see new scenery and great exercise for you.
  • For those adventurous rabbit owners, the Small Animal Pack-n-go Pet Carrier by Marshall Pet Products is ideal.  This clever, backpack style carrier is perfect for taking your rabbit on a hike or walk in the park.  It has a handy storage compartment for keeping water, food and more.