Rabbit Ball Toys are Very Entertaining for Rabbits


Rabbits need and enjoy exercise just like other animals need and enjoy exercise.  Using a ball during playtime can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your rabbit.  Exercising your rabbit with a ball is great for not only their physical health, but also their mental well-being.  When choosing a ball for your rabbit, look for one that is made for rabbits or cats.  In general, cat balls are also great toys for rabbits because of their size, but it is a good idea to look for balls that are chew resistant.

  • Natural Fiber Ball Toys.  Because rabbits love to chew, natural fiber balls make great ball toys for rabbits. The Rabbit Woven Grass Play Ball is a great toy for any rabbit owner.  This toy is made of natural grass and is fun for your rabbit to roll around.  Because this ball is made of untreated grass, it is safe for your rabbit to chew on.  Another fun natural ball for your rabbit is the Nature Ball by Ware.  This ball is made of sisal rope and is also great for your rabbit to chew.
  • Rubber Ball Toys. Another type of ball that is a lot of fun to play with your rabbit is the Hol-ee Roller by JW Pet.  This rubber ball is filled with holes that make it lightweight and easy for your rabbit to kick around and chase.  The rubber material is soft and easy on your rabbit’s feet.  When playing with this ball toy, be sure to supervise your rabbit at all times because this ball is not intended for chewing on. 
  • Alternative Ball Toys.  For a different type of ball fun with your rabbit, the Run About Ball is a lot of fun for you and your rabbit.  Place your rabbit inside of the ball and watch him hop around inside.  This ball has a diameter of 7 inches and is made especially for small animals.  If your rabbit is too large for the ball toy, then it is a good idea to let your rabbit just push it around from the outside. Another round shaped toy that is fun for any sized rabbit is the Roll N Chew Toy.  Although this toy is not technically a ball, it is fun for your rabbit roll around and safe for your rabbit to chew.