Make Your Rabbit Happy with a Wood or Mineral Chew

Your pet rabbit has a the urge to chew throughout the day and keeping that urge in control is important for the welfare of your furniture and your rabbit. A great way to control your rabbit’s urge is to offer your rabbit a wood or mineral chews. Not only do wood and mineral chews satisfy your rabbit’s urge to chew, but they help to keep your rabbit’s teeth clean and trim.

When choosing a wood chew, look for a chew that is made of untreated wood. Wood chews that are colored with food coloring make great chews too and come in a variety of fun shapes. The Veggie Bites Pre-Drilled Wood Chews are fun and colorful wood chews that may be hung on the Treat Ka-Bob in your rabbit’s cage for her to chew. Pre-drilled wood chews are ideal for use in the rabbit cage because they are kept off of the floor and away from your rabbit’s waste. By hanging the wood chews up in your rabbit’s cage, it also keeps the cage neater. Loose wood chews are great for times when your rabbit is on the loose. Keep some wood chews around the house or in a playpen to entertain your rabbit and keep her away from the furniture.
Another type of chew is a mineral chew. Mineral chews are great for rabbits because they supply your rabbit with essential minerals and keep their teeth trim and clean. There are lots of fun mineral chews in various shapes and colors available for your rabbit to enjoy, like the Mineral Candy Sweet Hearts, which comes in a fun heart shape and pastel colors. Mineral chews are also available with pre-drilled holes for hanging on a treat ka-bob.
When starting off, give your rabbit a variety of wood and mineral chews to determine which shape and size your rabbit prefers. If your rabbit is happy chewing on the wood and mineral chews, she will be less likely to chew on items and furniture around your house. For a great selection of chews for rabbits, check out RabbitMart.