How to Choose a Home for Your Rabbit


Choosing a home for your rabbit is the most important purchase that you will make for your rabbit. Comfort is the most important feature to consider before you make your purchase.

Rabbits need some room in the home to comfortably move around, especially if your rabbit will be spending a lot of time in the home. Choosing a larger home is usually a good rule to follow. Here are some things to consider when choosing a home for your rabbit:

1. What is the adult size of your rabbit? If you have a baby rabbit, it is a good idea for you to consider what size he or she will be as an adult. You may want to buy a home that your rabbit can grow into to avoid purchasing a larger cage in the future.

2. How many rabbits do you plan on keeping in the home? Normally, not more than one or two rabbits are kept in home at one time. Rabbits need to bond to with one another, so it is important not to have more than one rabbit in the home at one time unless they have been bonded.

3. Should you purchase a cage or hutch? A wire cage is great for indoor use and allows your rabbit to have a great view. A hutch, such as the Super Pet Premium Rabbit Hutch 36 in., is great for outdoor use and is made to help protect your rabbit from predators or the elements.

4. Where should you place the home, indoors or outdoors? If you plan on keeping your rabbit indoors, place their cage in an area that won�t be affected by the sun, heat, or air conditioning. If you plan on using a hutch outdoors, place it in a covered area away from the elements. It is a good idea to place a wooden box inside the hutch to keep your rabbit covered on really cold days if your hutch is not covered on the sides.

5. Wire floor or smooth floor? A smooth floor is more comfortable on your rabbits feet, but a wire floor is easier to keep clean. Typically, rabbit�s feet are fine walking on a wire floor. In addition, many cages with wire floors have a slide-out pan to make cleaning much easier. You can also place a grass mat on the wire floor to make it more comfortable and your rabbit will also enjoy chewing on it.

Whatever home you choose for your rabbit, make sure that you spend some time everyday with your rabbit and keep their home clean. Check out the great selection of rabbit cages and hutches at RabbitMart.

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Fun, Great Gifts for Your Rabbit



With the holiday season quickly approaching, it is a great time for you to give your rabbit a new food dish, carrier or hutch.  Your rabbit will be happy to have something new and fun to play with and will greatly appreciate it.  There are a lot of great products for your rabbit to make your rabbit happy and your life easier.  Here are a few of my favorite items for rabbits:

For a fun alternative to the traditional feeding bowl, the Vege-T-Bowl Orange Carrot has a fun, carrot shape and is brightly colored to spice up your rabbit’s living space.  It is made of durable ceramic that is easy to wash.  The carrot shape is perfect for any rabbit who loves carrots and doesn’t take up much space in your rabbit’s cage or hutch.  The Vege-T-Bowl Green Cabbage and the Vege-T-Bowl Orange Radish also make fun, colorful dishes for your pet rabbit.  Both of these dishes are also made of ceramic and easy to clean.

When toting your rabbit around town, a great rabbit tote is a fun and stylish alternative to the traditional pet carrier.  One of my favorite tote bags this season is the Tote Around Town Pet Carrier Bag by Sherpa Pet Group.  This tote has a classic shape in black and makes toting around your rabbit easy and convenient. The sides have mesh panels to provide your rabbit with great ventilation.  In addition, this tote is lightweight to carry and has lots of pockets for storing all of your essentials. It is constructed to be very durable and is made of nylon that is easy to clean.

Expand your rabbit’s living space with the Premium + Double Decker Hutch for Rabbits.  This double floor hutch will make the perfect home for your rabbit.  Great for one or two rabbits who get along well.  This hutch may be used indoors or outdoors and has plenty of room for all of your rabbit accessories.  It is made to be very durable and each floor has a separate hiding space for your rabbit to snuggle in and take a nap.

This holiday season give your rabbit a special new food bowl, a stylish carrier, or a cozy, new hutch.  For a variety of great products, check at Rabbit Mart.

A Cozy Outdoor Rabbit Hutch


Rabbits have a better tolerance to cold temperatures than they have to hot, humid temperatures.  If your rabbit is used to living outdoors all year long, it is important to provide your rabbit with safe shelter, protection from all types of elements, and good ventilation.  When placing your rabbit’s hutch outdoors, put it in a location that offers all three benefits.  Outdoor places that are great for your rabbit’s hutch may include your carport, barn, covered patio or screened-in porch.

One of my favorite rabbit hutches is the Premium Plus Bunny Barn for Rabbits.  This charming rabbit hutch makes the perfect home for your rabbit.  The top of the hutch opens up for easy cleaning and the two levels offer your rabbit a ton of living space.  In addition, the second floor offers your rabbit protection from predators and bad weather and a large open vented window for good air floor.  The bottom floor provides your rabbit with a living space that is open to the grass or other types of flooring, while protecting your rabbit from predators and other animals.

Another cozy rabbit hutch for outdoor rabbits is the Premium Plus Bunny CottageThis stylish rabbit hutch has shingle roof and lots of ventilation for your rabbit.  Like the Bunny Barn rabbit hutch, the Bunny Cottage has two levels.  The 2nd floor provides your rabbit with lots of protection from the elements, while it has lots of windows for good air circulation.  The bottom floor is also open to the grass and gives your rabbit more room to hop around in.

Whichever rabbit hutch you choose, always remember to place it in an area in a covered and well-ventiliated area.  If your rabbit hutch is in an area away from your family’s living space, make sure to take some time everyday to spend with your rabbit and giving him lots of attentions.  Check out RabbitMart for a variety of durable, wood hutches.