Product @Rabbit

Louay – Rabbit’s principal product owner


It was late afternoon in June, 2021, when I decided I was fed up with how static and boring my current job (then) was and that I needed to get back to my roots – dynamics. So I wrote an online post that I am looking for an *interesting* opportunity and highlighted my experiences in case somebody was hiring. Later the same day, Yousry ( our CEO ) reached out to me saying he might have something interesting and that Walid ( our CTO ) will reach out to me.

Walid gave me a call on the same day, and explained ( in brief ) that he, Yousry and two others have founded a startup that plans to disrupt how the world shops. I was intrigued. He asked: “Are you interested?”, and I was like: “Initially, yes”. So after reviewing my credentials and past experiences, he continued to explain more on the master plan: Deliver groceries in 20 minutes or less and in an instant I was like: “With all due respect, this can’t be done. This is Cairo you’re talking about”, but he objected: “Well, we have a plan, and it’s not some magic you hear about in movies, but an actual plan”. Still intrigued. Actually a little bit more now. So I added: “Ok, let me in on the plan, because there is only one way to do it, and no one has attempted to do it before”. Walid continued to explain how they’re going to do it, and suddenly out of the boredom and staticness I was living in, my mind was racing and thinking:

  • Startup? Check
  • Dynamic? Check
  • Crazy enough? Check
  • Disrupt a world? Check
  • Do it right? Check

My next words were: “I am in”.

The Product

Four months later we were casually talking about how crazy it was to launch the whole company in ±130 days, from an idea to the first order. 

Two months after that, we were looking at a high number of thousands for both orders and app installs to date and we looked at each other like it was nothing and moved on with the same momentum. It’s the crazy energy that got me hooked in the first place. It’s the same energy that has fueled the Product & Tech team to launch our proprietary software and let Cairenes say goodbye to the very long delivery times for their everyday needs. Say goodbye to the wrong items misplaced in their orders. Say goodbye to an endless loop of unnecessary phone calls. And say goodbye to the limited assortment of products that was only available to them. 

The Product & Tech team is composed of only A players in their fields. People who are real customers. People who face the same problems like you. People who have the need to stop the grocery madness by creating world class software that has never been built before. 

As a Product & Tech team, we gathered around a table and drafted clearly and neatly what we wanted to do, how we are planning to do it and most importantly, how our culture needs to be. 

And we built it. 

From the ground up. 

But unlike other teams / companies, we all agreed on it spontaneously, unanimously and without an inch of doubt. 

And we did it like we were running for our lives. Fast and swift.

We also agreed to include these main pillars in our product:

  1. Great UI ( first impressions last, don’t they? )
  2. Quick adaptation to user needs ( we understand what the users need because we’re users ourselves )
  3. Extremely helpful customer support ( we are seriously customer obsessed )
  4. Intuitive and easy to use ( you don’t want a user manual to use an app, right? )
  5. Super fast ordering process ( in and out in no time and still get what you want )
  6. Ghost protocol ( you can still browse the app without signing up )
  7. Available all the time ( like really all the time )
  8. Super cool features ( did you try searching for Rabbits inside our app? ) 

Ok, now that you know our secrets, we feel like we can give more to you. 

The Team

A bunch of Rabbits swirling very fast around Cairo’s streets, seriously obsessed about our customers, miles ahead of the others, and always finding a better way, every day. 

All our team members are masters of their trade. People who value ideas over hierarchy, and making sure not to win the argument but win the day. 

One day, we gathered around the same table and asked each other “what do you wake up to everyday?” Answers varied between building better features, providing the customers with what they need easily and others, but what really hit home was: “building the fastest growing startup in Egypt”. And I think that’s a goal to live for. That’s a goal that will wake you up each day with passion and fire looking for a better way to reach it. That’s a goal that’s only doable by our team of highly skillful yet very cool Rabbits. 

Do you know why I said cool? Because no one would go out after their goals with such style, grace and confidence if they weren’t cool.

A lot to say, so little space I have but there is one thing I am personally sure about: “I am super grateful I picked up the phone when Walid called”.