From Hours to Seconds: Rabbit AI Revolutionizes Online Shopping Experience

Maher Alghor

Maher Alghor

Rabbit's Lead Wizard

“Time is of the essence and convenience is king.” This philosophy lies at the core of Rabbit’s innovative approach to online grocery shopping. Every day, our brilliant teams gather at HQ, driven by two fundamental questions: “How can we enhance our delivery experience and save valuable minutes?” and “What’s the next big leap for our business?”

We are on a constant quest to find novel ways of improving the online grocery shopping experience. From small tweaks that save seconds to groundbreaking innovations that save hours, our battle against time is relentless.

Eureka moment:

A few weeks ago, after spending few minutes mindlessly browsing on the app, I realized I had no idea what I wanted. It was like that moment when you open a fridge and wait for divine inspiration to guide your hand towards the right snack.

It dawned on me that while Rabbit excels at connecting customers to what they know they want, we had yet to cater to those who were unsure. It reminded me of hours spent scrolling through Netflix, longing for the ability to simply say, “Suggest a short, funny, and light movie,” and having the perfect option appear magically on screen.

Then it hit me.

I made a bee-line towards Louay Ali (the principal product owner at Rabbit and a mythical being rarely seen outside of a meeting). I said “ChatGPT”, he switched off the mic and said “I’ve been thinking about this too, let’s open up a Slack channel and make some magic” and that was it.

After conducting some rapid-fire research r.e. what was out there and what was possible and feasible, we realised that companies typically hire teams of AI specialists before they can even think of pulling off such a move.

At this point we had a quick call and I was reminded of an aphorism my Differential Equations professor was fond of repeating: “one does not use a rocket launcher to kill a mosquito”

Put another way, is there a way to save ourselves time, effort and money to build a clever solution internally that could rival those of tech giants in the industry?

A few days later, we discovered that not only is it possible, our results were so exceptional that we knew on the spot that we had broken new ground and revolutionized the industry. Three weeks later we launched Rabbit AI, a key step in our Super Rabbit Journey.

The Game Changer:

In a nutshell, this groundbreaking addition to our platform is intended to address one of the most frustrating and time consuming aspects of the grocery shopping experience: planning.

Instead of spending hours putting together a grocery list for, say, a dish party, and invariably forgetting a couple of items, Super-Rabbit readily and intelligently suggests recipes as well as a list of the relevant ingredients when prompted.

In other words, it provides a truly seamless end-to-end online shopping experience that minimizes the time spent searching for products and planning for meals by merging the convenience of online shopping with intelligent meal planning.

By taking the legwork out of meal planning and automating the most tedious part of the shopping process, it saves customers precious time and energy, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: cooking and enjoying delicious meals.

Gone are the days of flipping through recipe books or endlessly scrolling through online platforms in search of the perfect dish. Imagine just asking, “What should I have for dinner today that is under 2000 calories and vegan?” or “Provide me with a week’s grocery list for two young adults (one of us has an allergy to nuts and shellfish).”

I suggest you try it out and watch your jaw drop as the chatbot instantly generates a plethora of recipe options tailored to your needs, along with the corresponding nutritional information if so required. Whether you’re looking for a low-calorie dinner option or a meal plan for the entire week or a nice healthy snack, Super-Rabbit has you covered.

Moreover, it continuously learns from your past prompts, and refines its suggestions and overall user experience over time. This adaptability ensures that the recommendations become increasingly tailored to your individual tastes and preferences, creating a truly personalized cooking and shopping journey.

Last but not least, it can pull all of this off in Arabic as the world’s first Arabic-speaking AI-enabled shopping assistant.


Wait until you try it out.